The Yarrow Eco Village released photos and other details on the loss of salmon spawning grounds in the Upper Fraser. The issues are well set out in the Huffington Post article.  The pipeline croossing of a local salmon bearing stream had gravel beds 're-installed', but they have been eroded quickly, leaving no suitable terrain for the fish to lay eggs. .  

Yarrow Eco Village (a CCEC member) was one of several intervenors at the National Energy Board, and this environmental damage was just one of the issues raised as a concern in the review process.  The review process that was found to be inadequate by the courts subsequently.  

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CCEC hosted a community 'inquiry' into the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion (Edmonton to Burnaby), June 14th 10am-1pm at the Croatian Cultural Centre.  Several members and others came out to learn and debate the merits of the project.

CCEC has been granted 'intervenor' status in the National Energy Board review process, and is the only financial institution to do so.  CCEC is concerned that the NEB process is not open, accessible and objective.  CCEC is making an effort to make the debate more public and complete.

At this workshop presentations were welcomed from Kennedy Stewart, MP Burnaby Douglas, Sven Biggs, representing Forest Ethics, and Liz McDowell from Conversations for Responsible Economic Development.   

Others attending made calls for citizen action; the Dogwood Initiative is a voter based province-wide campaign.  'BROKE' is a Burnaby residents' project. 

The Kinder Morgan proposal to move diluted bitumen was criticized on many fronts; environmental, First Nations, democratic process, public policy efficacy, business case, and risk distribution.  

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