Donate to the Scholarship Fund.  Members aged 14-18 enter a draw to receive a subsidy to attend Camp.

Click here for the Camp Scholarship Draw Entry Form.  Visit for more information.  

YES 2012 participants Iris Granges, Rosie Peters, Troy Robinson, Jayne Peters and Elizabeth Clark-Lazin are very grateful and wish to thank-you for your support.

“We had sessions on self awareness, global issues, co-operation and other things.  I learned more in those three sessions at the YES Camp that at school.  I will be going home with confidence and self-esteem.  I  trust people more and to not keep my feelings locked inside."  Iris Grages

I made a lot of new friends.  Also I got rid of my shyness because when I came here I didn't talk to anyone except the two people I came with. Now, I have talked with everybody."  
Troy Robinson

All week I learned useful skills like how to work together, work well with others, be more open to others.  All this week was a big eye opener for me.  I feel like I can do and say what I want now, I have no more fear inside.”  Rosie Peters

Roots for 14-16 year olds: 

  • Roots A - July 7-13
  • Roots B - July 14-20
  • Roots C - August 18-24
  • Roots D - August 25-31

Pathways for 16-18 year olds: 

  • Pathways A - July 28-August 3
  • Pathways B - August 4-10

All camps are at Cowichan Lake, Vancouver Island

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