The YES offers cooperative leadership summer camp programs for 14-18 year olds. During the one week camp, youth expand their leadership and team building skills while connecting with youth from around the province. COVID-19 and other associated social issues have impacted our youth in many different ways, and the YES provides community spaces that focus on building leadership, resiliency, connection, mental wellness and more. 

Parents have called the impact of Camp YES as transformative and life-changing for the family, the parents and the youth.  A sponsored camper says:

  • "I'm excited for CCEC to sponsor more youth, because, like me, the lessons they learn at camp will help them immensely in their relationships with family and friends.”
  • "I wouldn't be where I am today without the YES and that’s all thanks to CCEC’s sponsorships throughout the years.”‚Äč

A highlight of our summer at CCEC is receiving the Thank-You cards from the youth.  Here are a few shared experiences: 

  • "This camp was impactful because I learned about how the rest of the world isn’t as fortunate as me.  I learned how to become a good leader.”
  • "I learned to be more careful with my words and to be more considerate.” 
  • "I adored the nightly activity called, Reflections.  It’s a perfect way to let out bottled up emotions in a safe and respectful environment.” 

Youth who want to attend camp can apply for a scholarship to cover the registration fee. The CCEC Scholarship Fund is 100% member supported.  Members donate to the Scholarship Fund and youth apply to be sponsored. 

Youth can complete the attached form or email Joanne for more information. 

To make a donation, send an email to or phone us at 604.254.4100. 

At CCEC, we are proud of our members who donate to the Scholarship Fund and have allowed our youth to go to camp. This is a 100% member funded project. 

Visit their website for more information, to take a look at a typical day at YES camp and learn about some of their favourite activities. 

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