Holidays are supposed to be a time of gathering together.  However, this year, we will be staying at home and limiting our social interactions. Some of us may find a socially distanced holiday to be stressful. It is important, especially during this unprecedented season, that we take care of ourselves and our mental health.

We know that social distancing can make us feel more lonely and isolated.  So, even if you can’t meet in person, it is important to connect with family and friends in any way you can. The following are also positive ways to manage your mental health and the holidays: 

  • Exercise - get outside, go for a walk; 

  • Have a hobby hour - reading, crafting, puzzles or drawing. Join a friend group online;

  • Practice relaxation - meditation, yoga, taking a hot bath or getting a massage;

  • Talk to someone -  talk about how you are feeling with someone you trust. Call a friend or family member who is in your regular social circle.

These are a few strategies that can help you take care of yourself during the holiday season and year round. 
On behalf of CCEC Credit Union, we wish all our members a safe holiday season. 

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