In what world does 40% represent over 50%, and 18% actually mean 5%? The answer: BC elections.

Starting October 22, 2018, British Columbians will have the opportunity to vote in a referendum that presents two primary options: 1) continue to undermine democracy and stoke voter apathy with a manipulated system, or 2) allow every vote to count equally with Proportional Representation.

Is BC's electoral system really that broken? Let's review some recent elections:

In 2017, Christy Clark's Liberals very narrowly missed creating a fourth consecutive majority government with under 50% of the popular vote.

Before that? In 2001, the Liberals won 97.5% of seats with 57.6% of the popular vote. Totally democratic, right?

The choice is clear. The current system is broken, and this is a rare chance to fix it.  This is not a matter of party politics, this is a crucial moment for a more democratic voting process to be implemented. Anyone who tells you differently is not representing the interests of a democratic process.

But because we have lived under a First Past the Post regime for so long, voter turnout is expected to be low and apathy is expected to be high. Every vote counts a great deal. And since votes will be tallied on a proportional basis (which should hint strongly at which system is inherently better), your participation is of the utmost importance.

There are three options for proportional representation to be ranked - each with benefits and shortcomings - all of which an improvement on the current system. Educate yourself on the option for you, and make sure you vote!

- Denis Flinn

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