Galiano ranks 2nd to Inuvik for core housing needs.  Meet CCEC Member, Galiano Green (a project of the Galiano Land and Community Housing Trust).  They are creating an innovative model for non-profit, low-income affordable home ownership project.   Galiano Green makes it possible for motivated singles and young families to "build your own home without the high cost of owning land." 


Why we belong to CCEC:   Several of our community members suggested that we contact CCEC.  We felt that the scale of CCEC was right for our island community.   We were pleased that CCEC was responsive, helpful and interested in what we are doing.   They showed an immediate understanding of our vision and helped us think of real-world solutions to our financing.  
Tom Hennessy, Director


Residents on Galiano were looking for ways to revitalize their community as lack of affordable housing has forced young people off island for work and made it prohibitive for those on fixed incomes to secure housing.  Galiano Green has made it their mission to create an innovative non-profit affordable housing model that could be employed in any small community in Canada. They created a small lending group using land resources and established a loan guarantee fund at CCEC.  The fund has allowed CCEC to make loans for small business, housing and agriculture in their community since 2009 Tom Hennessy, Director, says, “We think that the creative financial model we have worked out with CCEC will help us achieve this goal”.  

Affordable housing has always been the most pressing problem for the community on Galiano.  Because they are close to Vancouver, city residents purchase houses on Galiano to use for weekend and summer vacations.   More than half of the houses on Galiano stand empty most of the year.   Rents for the remaining homes are very high and tenancy is insecure because renters have to move out during the summer when their homes are used by the owners as inflated weekly rentals or used for the owners’ family vacations.  The situation has becomes worse every year as more homes are taken out of the rental market.  As the situation becomes more precarious on Galiano, this only increased the groups’ determination to find a solution.  

Starting in the fall 2016 based on the current approval process with the Islands Trust, construction will start on 20 homes, ranging from 500 to 1000 square feet. Each home owner will be responsible for harvesting, storing and treating enough rainwater to serve that household’s needs. The property has a separate well with a significant supply.  Two common buildings are planned: one for laundry and shower and eventually, a multi-use building which could include a meeting area, workshop/studio and daycare.

For more information contact:   Tom Hennessy - phone: 250 539 2960,  email:

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