Chef Laura
“Culinary alchemy is my specialty: the art of combining food and mood in a way that bonds people together and elevates a gathering into a celebration.” 
CCEC Member, Chef Laura,  believes that food should reflect the mood. “I really make an effort to think ahead about how each dish should be prepared to really titillate the senses and add meaning to an event. Food gives life, true, but food also influences mood.” 
Memorials, she says, can be just as special as the person was during their life.  Chef Laura creates a nurturing environment for a monumental life event.  Catering for memorials is one of the more rewarding areas of her business as, she says, “It is ceremonial and we don’t have a lot of celebratory events in our lives.”  She recently organized a memorial with over 200 people for a family that did not live in the area.  The family was grateful to Chef Laura as she elevated the celebration of life to a final send-off that was a memorable tribute.
Laura calls her style, ‘upscale (Italian) comfort food’.  As Vancouver has grown into a cosmopolitan city, she feels we have a lot of fusion offerings that reflects our cultural diversity.  The trend for local, fresh food is all good.  Having worked in a high end fishing resort as the Executive Chef, she loves the seafood options we have and is a proud member of the  Vancouver Aquarium’s Ocean Wise Program  and the Green Table Network.

Being a small business owner, wearing many hats can be challenging.  In the past few years, she’s noticed that social media, online reviews and testimonials are driving more of her business.  With this, she needs to have some technical skills to do things on her own and also the knowledge to ask the right questions of her technology partners.
For nearly 2 decades, Chef Laura has been pouring her passion for fashion, entertainment and the culinary arts into her life and career.  She’s worked as a chef in restaurants, on movie sets, and at high-end resorts; & toured with bands like Duran Duran and Red Hot Chili Peppers.  She says, “I’ve always been inspired by the impact food has on living, on loving, and on life.  I get really excited about turning simple events into celebratory experiences. There's never a place that isn't perfect for a sensory celebration that people will remember for years to come.

“Food is the bonding element of people ... I am simply the alchemist.”    (604) 916-5253

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