Meet CCEC member Kathy Whittam who was looking for a fit in the “bright green future she is inspired by globally.”  After participating in a Green City Walk in Berlin, she came home to find her dream tours were not being offered in Vancouver. She is inspired by people of all ages who are 'doing something', that add up to make a difference.  However, a big risk is an oil spill or a climate catastrophe that would cause steps backwards as we strive to be the Greenest City in the World

She mapped her favorite green initiatives, researched and walked to make a 4 hour tour worth sharing. She sees her challenge as igniting a fire of interest that motivates all walkers to be active in a greener future.

Why am I a member of CCEC? I joined CCEC as we were looking for more
 co-operative connections in our life.   When choosing a credit union, we went as local
as we could and have been happy knowing that the money we earn is reinvested
in the communities we live and work in.  With my touring business,
I want to make sure my money is reinvested in the communities I'm so inspired by every day. 
I enjoy feeling a strong sense of community with my bank.

Kathy Whittam, President of Greenest City Walking Tours, has collected stories of how things have come to be green in Vancouver and feels that the City is full of great communities and people doing amazing things together.  Her tours highlight the people power behind the places and spaces, and allows for conversations where she can engage others to take action wherever they live.

Her 4 hour "Grassroots to Resiliency" tour is a 9+km whirlwind for people who love taking in beautiful views, hearing stories of inspirational people and ideas, who dig all things sustainable and like to be active.  This summer she plans to launch "Community Roots" tours running 2-3 hours and mini-tours that are accessible to all ages and abilities.

She feels there is a thirst to explore cities on a more personal level, and is happy to offer an experience that appeals to locals and travelers who want to explore corners of the city they may not otherwise see or know.

Her tours allow her to use her passion, skill and experience to contribute to the positive shift in her own way.  She says, “I tell a great story while helping people grasp how all these green pieces fit together to weave a path for our collective future potential to follow.”

Over the next few years she wants to continue walking around our town, sharing stories she knows, and learn from the people she gets to walk with!  She says, “This is a huge opportunity for me to learn from others while I show off our green super stars!”  Kathy plans to build on the tours until she runs out of ideas.

More importantly, she wants to collaborate with fellow green-keeners to offer in depth peeks that better showcase the work they are doing in our communities. 

For further information and to join a tour:

greenestcitywa walkingtours

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