The National Energy Board (NEB) review of the Kinder Morgan pipeline project is not an open, fair and unbiased assessment serving the best interests of the public, in the opinion of Robyn Allan.  "The game is rigged," she writes.  Consequently, Ms. Allan (an independent economist and former ICBC CEO) has chosen to withdraw from the NEB review process; her letter outlines her concerns and provides good supporting evidence: The NEB has adopted an exceptionally narrow scope, and has deemed substantial public concerns as "inadmissible". The NEB has adopted practices that subvert procedural fairness and principles of natural justice.  And, the NEB is biased in favour of the proponent, and the interests of the resource industry, and does not serve the greater public interest.   

Ms. Allan's analysis and questions, as an intervenor, have been excellent and on point for more than a year.  Her efforts to scrutinize the project proposal have to be commended.  She has no stake in the project and has represented a broad public interest in her views.  Her decision to withdraw as an intervenor, along with the withdrawal of Marc Eliesen last month, is another sorry comment on the lack of integrity of this regulatory review. 

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