The Roger Inman Memorial Award

The Roger Inman Memorial Award

This award is given annually to a project that has made a significant contribution to the economic development of the community. CCEC is committed to keeping our money and resources working in our community by actively supporting and promoting the development of strong, successful community businesses, projects and organizations.


The award honours the memory of Roger Inman, a past president of CCEC, whose contributions to the wellbeing of the credit union were numerous. Roger became a member when CCEC first opened in 1976 and shortly after began serving as a volunteer teller. He was also a member of the credit committee, and later joined the Board of Directors where he served as co-chair and spearheaded the newsletter. A warm lovable man, Roger always contributed his time, insights, and humour to the many community initiatives with which he was involved. He was also active in local politics where his keen mind and natural optimism were always appreciated. Through this award, we acknowledge his devotion to community economic development, his commitment to his ideals and his generosity in spirit.

Inman Award 2022 - Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks

The trustees are pleased to announce that the Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks (VNFN) is the recipient for the 2022 award.  Ian Marcuse, Coordinator for the VNFN and long time member of CCEC says, 

"The Neighbourhood Food Networks are honored to receive the Roger Inman Award. We are especially proud of our work in East Vancouver to help cultivate a stronger community-based food system grounded in justice, equity and food sovereignty. This award especially validates the important role that community development plays in establishing a strong foundation of meaningful community relations and engagement, strategic partnerships, and strong community networks that are key long-term community well-being and resilience".

The VNFN is a coalition of 15 neighbourhood-based food security initiatives engaged in collective action to support the capacity of network members, to magnify the voices of diverse communities, to support awareness raising, and to advocate for local policy and systems change towards food justice in Vancouver. Most importantly, the VNFN works to support a wide range of food security initiatives through an innovative place-based model of community development. Individual neigbourhood networks run programs throughout the food security continuum, from essential food access as we have seen through our COVID Emergency Food Support, skill building education initiatives and through to advocacy and systems change work as we are doing….building a just and equitable food system from the bottom up. For more information, visit their website at

Inman Award 2021 Shared

Pride in Art Society and DOXA Documentary Film Festival were each awarded the Roger Inman Memorial Award 2021.  The Trustees felt that both member organizations were most deserving of the recognition and awarded $1,000 to each of them.  The announcement of the 2021 award recipients was by Trustee and new Board Member, Gerry Dragomir.  

On learning of the award, DOXA said, "We are honoured to accept the Roger Inman Memorial Award, alongside the Pride in Art Society (who do outstanding, necessary work). We feel very proud to join the ranks of amazing organizations from award years past, and look forward to continually supporting the values of cooperation, curiosity, and critical media engagement." 

The Pride in Art Society said, “We are honoured to be awarded the Roger Inman Memorial Award. Our wholehearted thanks to the trustees for this recognition in Roger Inman’s memory, and to CCEC for its dedication to keeping money and resources working in our community by supporting and promoting the development of organizations like ours.” 

About Our 2021 Winners
DOXA is presented by the Documentary Media Society, a Vancouver-based non-profit charitable society (incorporated in 1998). They are devoted to presenting independent and innovative documentaries to Vancouver audiences (and, as of recently, beyond). The society exists to educate the public about doc film as an art form. The 20th annual festival is May 6-12, 2021.

The Pride in Art Society (PiA) produces, presents and exhibits art with a curatorial vision favouring challenging, thought-provoking contemporary art work that pushes boundaries and initiates dialogue. Our annual Queer Arts Festival (QAF) is a professional, artist-run, multidisciplinary festival and our year-round SUM gallery is Canada’s only queer-mandated art gallery.

Inman Award Past Recipients

2022:  Vancouver Neighbourhood Food Networks (VNFN)
2021: DOXA Documentary Film Festival AND The Pride in Art Society
2020:  People's Prom
2019:  Wild Salmon Caravan
2018:  Sanctuary Health
2017: Vancouver Co-op Radio for its' Each for All Program shared the award with Girls Rock Camp Vancouver.
2016:  Joint Effort
2015:  No One is Illegal
2014:  Groundswell Grassroots Economic Society
2013: Red Fox Healthy Living Society
2012:  Girls Rock Camp Vancouver

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