More input from our Members:

Let’s get away from fossil-fuel based economics.  Thank you for standing against this pipeline plan! 

No. Never. Not now.  Not ever.  We need to focus on green, renewable technologies not dirty, polluting tar sands for profits!

I am unequivocally opposed to this pipeline.  There are too many reasons to list – it is unsafe for people; it promotes climate change; the NEB is undemocratic; it ignores First Nations rights and title; it support a corrupt industry; it does not benefit the people who are most directly harmed by its construction or potential accidents.  No!  No!  No! Thank you.

No more pipelines. We need to invest in cleaner forms of energy.


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Our members are sharing their thoughts with us as we prepare our submission. CCEC is the only financial institution granted intervenor status on the Kinder Morgan Pipeline inquiry.

Share your thoughts on or send an email to Joanne.   

Being an elder – the thought of the environmental ramifications of this and the affect it will have on my grandchildren’s lives is heart breaking! Please Vote No!

No pipeline with Bitumen inside. Refine it at the source. No extra tankers. Keep the wealth here in BC.


Oil spills will make the creatures unhappy. But most likely DEAD!


Building more pipelines is the last thing we should be doing. We should be working to lessen our dependence on oil. Stop exporting to China, and ultimately shut down the Tar Sands. Canada should be concerned with preserving and protecting the vast tracts of wilderness we have. Here in the Lower Mainland we can be investing in infrastructure for sustainable transportation.


Kinder Morgan’s history of spills shows me they do not care about anything but profits.


It is not worth the environmental and cultural risk to BC. We should invest the $$’s in alternatives. We, as a planet can’t afford more carbon in the atmosphere. I am against this pipeline because I think the environmental risks to our coast far exceed the potential benefits of the pipeline. I am concerned about the risks to our coastal water of increased tanker traffic, as well as to our rivers and streams of potential pipeline spills. The global threat of increased climate change that the processing and burning of bitumen is also a very significant concern for myself and my family.


Persons on disability receive $906 / month, which has not been increased for at least 7 years. The BC Gov’t says there’s no money to enable an increase. They should stop subsidizing companies like Kinder Morgan and instead invest in all the viable opportunities for ecologically sounds, profitable businesses, thereby creating long-term employment and greater economic growth. Then maybe they’d be able to lift their constituents out of poverty!


I’m from the Nlaka’pamux Nation, located in the Southern Interior of BC. The Trans Mountain pipeline goes directly through my territory, through mountains, hunting grounds, by water sources with salmon and through foraging and berry picking grounds. A massive rupture took place last year by Merritt, BC and shortly after, closer to Hope, BC. The proposal to double the pipeline and increase the amount of crude oil going through my territory is a very grave risk. I do not support the tar sands, I don’t support seeing more tankers, and I do not want anymore crude oil going through my territory. All My Relations.


My planet is sick and so are many of the people who inhabit it.  We need to make decisions that benefit our planet and its people.  “Profits” needs to be eliminated from the process.  Creating jobs and income at the risk of destroying our planet needs to stop.  There is no risk worth the damage that the pipelines can create.  The risk is too high and not worth the investment. 


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CCEC hosted a community 'inquiry' into the proposed Kinder Morgan pipeline expansion (Edmonton to Burnaby), June 14th 10am-1pm at the Croatian Cultural Centre.  Several members and others came out to learn and debate the merits of the project.

CCEC has been granted 'intervenor' status in the National Energy Board review process, and is the only financial institution to do so.  CCEC is concerned that the NEB process is not open, accessible and objective.  CCEC is making an effort to make the debate more public and complete.

At this workshop presentations were welcomed from Kennedy Stewart, MP Burnaby Douglas, Sven Biggs, representing Forest Ethics, and Liz McDowell from Conversations for Responsible Economic Development.   

Others attending made calls for citizen action; the Dogwood Initiative is a voter based province-wide campaign.  'BROKE' is a Burnaby residents' project. 

The Kinder Morgan proposal to move diluted bitumen was criticized on many fronts; environmental, First Nations, democratic process, public policy efficacy, business case, and risk distribution.  

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