Through its' members, CCEC has a Scholarship Fund.  Interested youth apply to the Fund to have their registration fee subsidized.   Click here for the Blog on the 2013 Youth who attended Camp YES.  

Keep an eye out for the 2014 Thermometer. How many youth are we sending to camp this year?

Deadline June 13, 2014 to apply for Sponsorship. Download the Application Form. Submit to Joanne by email or drop at the Branch. 

The YES offers Roots programs for new participants ages 14-16:

  • Roots A - July 6-12
  • Roots B - July 13-19
  • Roots C - Aug. 17-23
  • Roots D - Aug. 24-30

Pathways -  For all participants ages 16-18:

  • Pathways A - July 27-Aug. 2
  • Pathways B - Aug. 3-9


  • Early Bird - $650 3 weeks before camp 
  • Regular Rate - $700 within 3 weeks of the camp

Lean new skills, make new friends, and challenge yourself in an environment of support and respect. You'll come home with a new perspective, new tools, and the confidence to be a leader in your own life. 

    We wish to thank our CCEC members who contributed to our Camp YES Scholarship Fund 2013. Keep an eye out for the 2014 Thermometer. How many youth are we sending to camp this year?

    Sharon Lee, Michelle Brook, Faune Johnson, Jay Hamburger, Jamie Ritchie, Trish Barry, Sid Tan, Leanna Paul, carol weaver creative, Kathleen Oliver, Melanie Ray, Tania Conley, Roving Vet, Aasya Greenbak, Robert Twiss, Jill King, A.Reimer, Poplar Studios, D. Azrael, Peter Greenwell, Vancouver Pain Management Society and the Vancouver Dispensary Society

    In 2013, our CCEC Members helped to send four youth to camp: 


    Rosie Peters, Jayne Peters, Mabel James and Jayde Becker


    Since its' inception, this camp has been a transformative experience for our youth (and their parents)!  

    Currently rated 3.0 by 5 people


    Donate to the Scholarship Fund.  Members aged 14-18 enter a draw to receive a subsidy to attend Camp.

    Click here for the Camp Scholarship Draw Entry Form.  Visit for more information.  

    YES 2012 participants Iris Granges, Rosie Peters, Troy Robinson, Jayne Peters and Elizabeth Clark-Lazin are very grateful and wish to thank-you for your support.

    “We had sessions on self awareness, global issues, co-operation and other things.  I learned more in those three sessions at the YES Camp that at school.  I will be going home with confidence and self-esteem.  I  trust people more and to not keep my feelings locked inside."  Iris Grages

    I made a lot of new friends.  Also I got rid of my shyness because when I came here I didn't talk to anyone except the two people I came with. Now, I have talked with everybody."  
    Troy Robinson

    All week I learned useful skills like how to work together, work well with others, be more open to others.  All this week was a big eye opener for me.  I feel like I can do and say what I want now, I have no more fear inside.”  Rosie Peters

    Roots for 14-16 year olds: 

    • Roots A - July 7-13
    • Roots B - July 14-20
    • Roots C - August 18-24
    • Roots D - August 25-31

    Pathways for 16-18 year olds: 

    • Pathways A - July 28-August 3
    • Pathways B - August 4-10

    All camps are at Cowichan Lake, Vancouver Island

    Currently rated 3.0 by 15 people


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