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CCEC and others welcomed the official 'Royal' proclamation of Co-op Week by the queen's representative in BC. Co-op Week is celebrated nationally and internationally, in recognition of the important role co-ops play in community development and enterprise development. 

The BC Proclamation explicitly recognizes co-ops a 'social enterprises', the term now widely used for business activity that also pursues social and environmental objectives. Co-ops inherently distribute ownership rights differently, to consumers, producers, or workers, as the case may be. The model emphasizes the commonality of interests among people, jointly taking steps to improve their own circumstances. 

CCEC is a financial co-operative, with over 3000 members.  CCEC is proud to be part of the co-operative and credit union movements. Profoundly, CCEC was actually created to foster and finance co-ops and other community based groups; CCEC is unique in having this community development purpose/mission.

This week CCEC celebrated with the BC Co-op Association, CHF BC, Vancouver Co-operative Radio (all CCEC members) and many others. People working together can do great things!   

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