CCEC co-sponsored a great event, "Connected Local Economies", on September 30th, with @150 attending at the SFU Segal Centre. Author and economist Michael Shuman provided a short presentation recapping his research that refutes conventional thinking on 'economic development' and proves that nurturing local business generates much better results - particularly in terms of employment.  He also highlighted several novel projects in Cleveland, Portland and elsewhere. 

The event then challenged participants to confront various issues related to the mobilization of GO LOCAL efforts in Vancouver. Orchestrated by the Design Nerds, small groups generated great ideas and proposals - graphically documented.  The conversations also invited people to form working groups and project initiatives.   

This was a great collaboration with the SFU CED Program, SFU Public Square, CUPE BC, and a host of community organizations that CCEC recruited, including; Loco BC, Village Vancouver, BC Farmers Markets

The resulting challenge to CCEC was twofold; (1) effective collaboration with community groups as projects evolve, and (2) developing more effective ways to redirect retirement savings into local business, rather than mega-corporations.  


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