There are many ways in which CCEC is unique as a financial institution,  One significant way is that our members contribute to a scholarship fund that subsidizes the registration cost for our youth to attend Camp YES.   In 2013, our members contributed over $2,000 which allowed us to sponsor four youth. 


The youth who attended CampYES are very grateful to our members for your support.  Here are their words of gratitude: 


Everyone was so nice, and didn't judge anyone! We could be ourselves, and that felt great. I loved the activities, and making friends, and doing tye die shirts. Thanks for having me, I really had a blast. - jayde becker  

I enjoyed doing reflections learning about other people's day and about their life story.  Something I would take home with me from camp is the passion and trust I had with everybody.  I was 'co-operating' with everything that was happening at camp.
- Jayne Peters 


  I met so many people who were there for to to talk to and meet. I became a better person in my own way. In the self-awareness session, I learned that people do care and not to be afraid.  I feel great.  Thank you for allowing me to experience the camp.   - Mabel James
Thank you for sponsoring me. I enjoyed every moment of it.  I learned how to work together, the three kinds of leadership, and workshops including thought of the day, self-awareness, communication and co-operation.  I am taking home with me friends, trust, confidence and many other things. 
I highly suggest other youth to come to CampYES! - Rosalie Peters 


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