Hundreds of activists, including a CCEC member, join First Nations elders to bear witness to environmental destruction in Fort McMurray.

Christina Wild, CCEC member for over 25 years, attended this years' Healing Walk.  She believes that the risk to our basic human rights are too great to continue the destruction caused by our demand for petroleum products.

Christina urges us all to help stop the pipelines.She says that we can't live without air, water and food; 

but we can live without oil and must develop alternative power sources.  She encourages fellow members to reduce their use of oil products to help slow the overall demand.  

Background on the Walk:  Over 500 activists from around the world joined First Nations

 and Metis elders in Fort McMurray for the fourth annual Healing Walk. The walk has been organized to witness to the impact of the tar sands development on the local communities.  learn more

Get involved! Learn more from our member,
The Wilderness Committee. 

Other links of interest include:   Lead Now    and   Amnesty International


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