Amnesty International and the BC Civil Liberties Association are just two of many organizations protesting Bill C-51, currently before parliament. Critics are concerned about the expansion of police powers, the granting of new 'intervention powers' to the intelligence service, the expansion of surveillance by the state, the peculiar new roles given to the courts to 'okay' actions that break the law, and, additionally, the absence of transparency and oversight.  The legislation seriously undermines the constitutional rights and human rights that all Canadians treasure, and must vigilantly protect.  In a police state we may feel 'safe', but will we be free?  First Nations, environmentalists, and activists of all kinds fear the loose definition of 'threats to the nation'.  The Harper government appears determined to play to fear, and the potential short-term electoral gains, to build the surveillance state. LeadNow is also championing a campaign with a day of protest on March 14th.  Write your MP, speak up, to ensure our individual rights and freedoms are respected.    
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Randy Hooper
March 15, 2015
So, let's be real. Billions and billions of tweet, text and email conversations daily. Tracked by NSA and now Canada's intelligence agency. So just include several key words - jihad, ISIL, Keystone, cartel, cocaine, bomb, etc. in every mail or text we all send, and the agencies will be overwhelmed, with flagged electronic communications to monitor - think of it as a huge job creator - a movement to dis empower


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