Public transit is a life and death issue, according to Stephen Hume (Vancouver Sun), who's opinion piece highlights the public health impact of nitrogen dioxide and other pollutants as we put more and more vehicles on the road. The proposed expansion of our public transportation system, and the referendum on taxation, put some some big issues before the public.  Images of the ordinary people in Beijing struggling with really poor air quality are scary.  Recent reports on the effects of vehicle exhausts on young brains, and urban dwellers' health are disturbing.  There is a real need to get the right decision on the upcoming referendum in Greater Vancouver.  You may want to attend the public meeting hosted by the Board of Change March 19th, 5:30-8PM.  
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Randy Hooper
March 11, 2015
Urban air pollution is just one issue. Those voting yes understand that Metro Vancouver is growing and needs better transportation infrastructure. Those voting no see a user pay tax grab, or think of Translink as a broken system because of a few major computer glitches. The real problem is urban planning - separating people from work, play, school because of archaic suburban planning ideology based on a car-based lifestyle are to blame. City designers have to quit going with "normal" and look at success stories in other parts of the world where people LIVE in one area - sleep, eat, work, play, and not have to drive for 15 minutes to buy a quart of milk on a suburban artery.



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