Our Branch Hours are: 

Tuesday to Thursday:10:00am-5:00pm

2248 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC V5N 4B5

PHONE:    604.254.4100
Toll-Free:  1.866.254.4100

Telephone Banking: 
778.588.6811 / 1.844.588.6811


Notice to Inactive and Dormant MembersIf you received a letter from us in May, 2019, we ask you to please follow the steps as outlined. It is important for us to encourage an active, engaged membership. We appreciate your support. 


Be sure to apply online (Sept 1-Oct 15)
for the Credit Union of BC Bursary

....to join CCEC! 


Updates for our Members

  • Two New Features with Interac e-Transfer: Autodeposit and Request Money.  Autodeposit puts money right into your account without having to answer a security question for every transaction.  Get paid quickly with Request Money which includes an option to include an invoice number and due date. Note: These features apply if both the sending and receiving financial institutions offer the services.  If not, the current process that requires a security question will apply.

  • Some  MemberCards Deactivated: If your card number begins with 5833, it stopped working as of June 30, 2019, no matter what expiry date is on the card. If you don’t have a new card, please contact us at 604.254.4100 to ask for a replacement card.  

  • Insurance Offerings from CUMIS:CUMIS Critical Illness Insurance CUMIS Insurance for Commercial Lines of Credit  Call us or visit our website

  • Reset and Improve your MemberDirect Password: To improve security, we have introduced Strong PAC" which is at least one (1) uppercase letter, one (1) number, and 5-12 total characters. 

  • Go Paperless! Now, e-Statements available through MemberDirect (online banking). Email us or let us know when you come to the branch that you want to go paperless. 

  • Lost, stolen or captured card?   Click here to find out who to call.

  • Services and Fees: Click here to download.

  • Interac® e-Transfer
    How Does It Work 

Apply Online today*for all cards except deposit secured cards. 

Credit Unions across Canada are partnered with Collabria Financial Services, a company that is wholly owned and operated by credit unions, to provide our members with VISA cards.  Learn more.Pick the charge card that fits your needs. 

Learn more about CCEC history, mission and values by clicking here.

CCEC is a single branch autonomous and independent credit union on Commercial Drive, Vancouver. The credit union was formed in 1976 by a group of community organizations, community activists, local co-ops and not-for-profits who were unable to access financial services through mainstream banks and credit unions.


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