Our Branch Hours are: 

Tuesday to Thursday:10:00am-5:00pm


2248 Commercial Drive
Vancouver BC V5N 4B5

PHONE:    604.254.4100
Toll-Free:  1.866.254.4100


NOTE: March 2015 Statements Paper statements may not include copies of cheque images, due to a technical problem.  Images are available online, using your MemberDirect online banking access and 'clicking' on the item. 


Stone Soup Festival

- May 9th noon-5 at Britannia Community Centre 


Art of Suzo Hickey now up at the branch.  



Membercards  that have not been used since Dec. 31, 2013, will be cancelled effective Feb. 6, 2015. To obtain a new card, please come in to the branch. If it is not possible for you to come in to the branch, please contact us at 604.254.4100 or 1.866.254.4100, or by email through internet banking or info@ccec.bc.ca, to make other arrangements.  

NOTE: Incoming Wire Transfers   If you are expecting incoming wire transfers from outside of Canada, please contact us as the instructions have changed. (Sept 2014)

FATCA    Under U.S. laws "U.S. persons"  in Canada may have information relayed to U.S authorities. Learn more. (July 2014)

CCEC is a single branch credit union on Commercial Drive  founded by your self-help community of co-ops and not-for-profit groups.
At CCEC, you align your values with your finances. 


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